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see Sheepback. What is the definition of roche moutonnée? What is the meaning of roche moutonnée? How do you use roche moutonnée in a sentence? What are synonyms for roche moutonnée?

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100: Some are obviously roches moutonnées, polished Meaning of roche moutonnée. What does roche moutonnée mean? Roche moutonnee. see Sheepback. Etymology: [F., sheep-shaped rock.] Freebase (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: Roche moutonnée. In glaciology, a roche moutonnée is a rock formation created by the passing of a glacier. Une petite élévation, où se trouvent des bancs en bois, représente un bon exemple d'une entité appelée roche moutonnée (d'après sa forme de mouton couché).

The name is French and translates literally into English as 'fleecy or sheep's wool rocks', but it usually interpreted as meaning 'sheep Roche moutonnée definition, a rounded, glacially eroded rock outcrop, usually one of a group, resembling a sheep's back. See more. roche moutonnée(glaciated rock knob, stoss-and-lee topography) A mound-like land-form of glacial erosion, consisting of a smoothed, streamlined, up-glacier surface and a broken, shattered, lee flank, which probably results from a combination of abrasion, frost-shattering, and the plucking out of blocks by the glacier, although crushing has been suggested as a contributory mechanism.

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羊背岩 Kanji. (n) roche moutonnée (geol .); sheepback. ⇪. RomajiDesu Mobile (Switch to PC version) Change Ad  22 Apr 2009 The name Wanaka is a corruption of Oanaka, which means “place of Iron, sculpturing Mount Iron into a typical “roche moutonnée” shape.

Geografiskt - Sökresultat - Sidor [8] - World uppslagsverk kunskap is a platform for academics to share research papers. roche moutonnée: An elongate mound of bedrock worn smooth and rounded by glacial abrasion. Define roche moutonnee. roche moutonnee synonyms, roche moutonnee pronunciation, roche moutonnee translation, English dictionary definition of roche moutonnee.

With Reverso you can find the French translation, definition or synonym for roche moutonnée and thousands of other words.
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The next location, Mack Park in Salem, is essentially a rocky hill rising from the ground. One side of the hill gradually slopes upwards and appears to be made of a solid, rocky material with a … In glaciology, a roche moutonnée (or sheepback) is a rock formation created by the passing of a glacier.The passage of glacier ice over underlying bedrock often results in asymmetric erosional forms as a result of abrasion on the 'stoss' (up-ice) side of the rock and plucking on the 'lee' (down-ice) side. rôsh m-tô-nÄ '), â Geol. roche moutonnée â ¦ a bare hummock of rock, usually Rôche moutonnée.

rôsh m-tô-nÄ '), â Geol. roche moutonnée â ¦ a bare hummock of rock, usually Rôche moutonnée. 19 likes.
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Geografiskt - Sökresultat - Sidor [8] - World uppslagsverk kunskap

A good example of a roche moutonnée is shown in the image below. roche moutonnée in American English. (ʀɔʃ mutɔˈneɪ) Geology. a bare hummock of rock, usually smoothed on the upstream side and grooved on the other by glacial action.

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Geografiskt - Sökresultat - Sidor [8] - World uppslagsverk kunskap

Roche moutonnée definition is - an elongate rounded ice-sculptured hillock of bedrock. noun roches moutonnées. A small bare outcrop of rock shaped by glacial erosion, with one side smooth and gently sloping and the other steep, rough, and irregular. ‘This ice flow is also associated with striae and roches moutonnées in the valley north of Cadair Idris.’. 2021-04-12 · Roche moutonnée, (French: “fleecy rock”) glaciated bedrock surface, usually in the form of rounded knobs. The upstream side of a roche moutonnée has been subjected to glacial scouring that has produced a gentle, polished, and striated slope; the downstream side has been subjected to glacial roche moutonnée (plural roches moutonnées) (geography, glaciology) A rock formation created by glacial erosion.